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Hello, my name is Jean (Pierre), ham operator since 1975. I reside in the historical city of Ghent  (East Flanders). The Flemisch speaking part of Belgium and 50 km. away from the North Sea.

Stad Gent

I enjoy working with low profile, so I'm using the  Kenwood TS-990S running mostly 100 Watt into the home brew magnetic loop antenna for 7 MHz band and one for 20 m.
The size of the 40 m. loop is 2.5m diameter (aluminium tube 50 mm. diam.) placed 4m. above ground level. Fortunately, I have a clear view from South to West.

    Some audio recordings.


magnetic loop

My antennas.

                                         Local Time:

Some pictures of my acitvity and interest.


    For more info about my antennas goto

Thanks for your visit.   73

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